Araneus quadratus  (ARANEIDAE)

Araneus quadratus

This species is easily the largest of the Araneidae, and is common throughout the UK. In fact, it holds the weight record for any UK species of spider! It spins webs on tall grass, heather and bushes such as gorse. The colouration of the abdomen of the female is extremely variable, ranging from green to yellow via orange or brown. It occurs throughout the UK, although it is more common in the southern and eastern parts of Enland than further north or west.

Head and chelicerae of male Araneus quadratus Head and chelicerae of female Araneus quadratus Left Pedipalp (male sexual organ) of Araneus quadratus.
Chelicerae of a male Araneus quadratus Epigyne (female sexual organ) of Araneus quadratus. Note that the processing for SEM has deformed this specimen. Spinnerets of Araneus quadratus
Tarsal claw of Araneus quadratus