Clubiona terrestris  (CLUBIONIDAE)

Clubiona terrestris is a nocturnal hunter, and the female has a body size of 6-7 mm. It is very common in the UK. The abdomen is yellowish to reddish brown. It lives among leaf litter, low vegetation, or under bark or stones. The photo is of a mature female of the species.

Head and chelicerae of a male Clubiona terrestris The chelicerae of a male Clubiona terrestris, viewed from the side nearest the mouthparts Left Pedipalp (male sexual organ) of Clubiona terrestris

Epigyne (female sexual organ) of Clubiona terrestris. This bears little resemblance to the view seen through a light microscope, as the intricate structure illustrated in the References is behind a transparent (to light) membrane. Spinnerets of Clubiona terrestris Tarsal claw of Clubiona terrestris. Note the scopula hairs on the underside.
A dorsal view of the epigyne of Clubiona terrestris, showing the internal structure, not visible to the SEM from the conventional view. Ventral view of spinnerets of Clubiona terrestris Pedipalp of a female Clubiona terrestris. The single claw is just visible (arrowed).