Harpactea hombergi  (DYSDERIDAE)

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The family Disderiidae, to which Harpactea hombergi belongs, are "haplogyne" spiders. These are relatively primitive, having only six eyes and simple pedipalps. The epigyne is not easily detected and is not used to determine the females to species level. Rather, the layout and number of spines on femur IV is used instead.

Head and chelicerae of Harpactea hombergi. Note that this primitive species has only six eyes. Chelicerae of Harpactea hombergi Left Pedipalp (male sexual organ) of Harpactea hombergi.This is characteristic of the more primitive spiders.

Tarsal claw (1 right) of a female Harpactea hombergi Another view of a tarsus of Harpactea hombergi Harpactea hombergi has no visible epigyne. The spines on femur IV assist in differentiating between this species and Harpactea rubicunda, which has many more spines on Femur IV than those shown here for the right femur (top) and left femur (bottom) of H. hombergi.