Labulla thoracica  (LINYPHIIDAE)

Labulla thoracica

Labulla thoracica is one of the larger linyphiids, and the mature male, with his enormous pedipalps, is also one of the most comical to look at. The pedipalps can be as much as 1.5 mm across their widest part, all for a spider of overall length of about 5mm. Note also the long coiled embolus that is used to inseminate the female. This can be clearly seen in the photograph and also at the bottom of the side view of the pedipalp.

Head and chelicerae of a male Labulla thoracica. Note the high head and wide clypeus (the gap between the eyes and the chelicerae). Head and chelicerae of a female Labulla thoracica. Note the less-high head. Female pedipalp of Labulla thoracica

Epigyne (female sexual organ) of Labulla thoracica Spinnerets of Labulla thoracica Tarsal claw of Labulla thoracica

Left pedipalp of Labulla thoracica - side view (as depicted in the references) Right pedipalp of Labulla thoracica - ventral view