Lepthyphantes species  (LINYPHIIDAE)

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Roberts (1996) [Ref. 1] lists 12 different species in this genus. More recently the majority of these have been moved to the genus Tenuiphantes, and three have been moved to other genera. This leaves two remaining in Lepthyphantes, L. leprosus and L. minutus, illustrated here. These small spiders are nonetheless among the larger genera of the Lyniphiidae, being around 4 mm in length. Both species are common. L. nebulosus tends to be found in houses (and more common in the south), while L. minutus is normally found outside around tree trunks.

Head and chelicerae of male Lepthyphantes leprosus. Epigyne of Lepthyphantes leprosus Left Pedipalp (male sexual organ) of Lepthyphantes leprosus
Head and chelicerae of a female Lepthyphantes minutus. This is similar in appearance to that of L. leprosus. Epigyne of Lepthyphantes minutus, easily distinguished from that of L. leprosus. Pedipalp of Lepthyphantes minutus, again easily distinguished from that of L. leprosus
Chelicerae of a female Lepthyphantes leprosus. Note the stridulating ridges down each outside egde. Pedipalp of a female Lepthyphantes leprosus. Note the single claw. Tarsal claw of a male Lepthyphantes leprosus. Since the Linyphiidae are web dwellers, the tarsus has a central hooked claw in addition to the two combed ones.
Spinnerets of a male Lepthyphantes minutus.