Lophomma punctatum  (LINYPHIIDAE)

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This species, the only one of its genus, is one of the small money spiders and is around 2.3 mm in length. It occurs throughout the United Kingdom, but is not particularly common. The pits on the carapace, in both sexes, are characteristic of the species. The carapace of the male is raised at the front, more so than that of the female and has an ocular sulcus (groove), as can be seen in the micrographs.

Head and pedipalps of a female Lophomma punctatum Carapace of female Lophomma punctatum. Note the pitted texture. Carapace of male Lophomma punctatum. Note the difference in appearance from the female, especially in the region of the eyes.

Epigyne (female sexual organ) of Lophomma punctatum Lateral view of carapace of Lophomma punctatum. Note the raised head, and the sulcus running rearwards from beneath the posterior eye. Left pedipalp (male sexual organ) of Lophomma punctatum

Spinnerets of a female Lophomma punctatum