Pardosa pullata  (LYCOSIDAE)

Pardosa pullata

Pardosa pullata is one of the commonest species in the genus, being found all over the UK and Northern Europe. It is a hunting spider (also known as "wolf" spider) and can often be seen running around on sunny days on the ground in fields and on paths. The photograph is of a preserved female of the species. There are two epigynes shown in the gallery. Whilst I believe they are both from specimens of Pardosa pullata there are some interesting differences.

Head and chelicerae of a male Pardosa pullata Head and chelicerae of a female Pardosa pullata, viewed from the side nearest the mouthparts. Left Pedipalp (male sexual organ) of Pardosa pullata, side view

Chelicerae of Pardosa pullata Spinnerets of Pardosa pullata Left pedipalp of Pardosa pullata, ventral view

Tarsus of a female Pardosa pullata Epigyne (1) of Pardosa pullata. Compare this with the image to the right. Epigyne (2) of Pardosa pullata. Notice the wider central tongue and other detailed differences.