Tibellus oblongus  (THOMISIDAE)

Tibellus oblongus is in the sub-family Philodromidae of family Thomisidae. It is an active hunter of prey and does not spin a web for this purpose. The top row of eyes are "recurved", with the lateral eyes located on an arc extending behind, rather than below the median eyes of that row. This can be clearly seen in the photograph, which is of a preserved female specimen, but less so in the micrograph.

Close-up of the eyes of Tibellus oblongus. Note that the top row of eyes are "recurved" with the lateral ones (arrowed) being behind, rather than below, the medians. Epigyne of Tibellus oblongus. The genital openings are at the base. Claw of female pedipalp of Tibellus oblongus (arrowed), almost hidden within the scopula.

Tasal claw 1 of female Tibellus oblongus. Note the hairy scopula. A top view of a tarsal claw, illustrating that the scopulae do not extend over the upper side of the leg. High magnification view of part of a scopula of Tibellus oblongus