Walckenaeria antica  (LINYPHIIDAE)

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Being only around 2mm in length this little money spider is often overlooked, but is quite common throughout the United Kingdom. The males, esepecially, deserve closer attention with a lens or microscope, however, as they have two raised lobes on the front of the carapace. The main lobe carries two of its eyes, whilst the smaller anterior lobe is equipped with a pair of "horns". These features are clearly seen in the micrographs below. The female is of more conventional appearance. Note also the sulcus, or groove, beneath the dorsal eyes and running back from them.

Lateral view of male Walckenaeria antica showing raised lobe with two eyes, and the smaller anterior lobe with "horns" on it. Dorsal view of front end of carapace of male Walckenaeria antica, showing the main lobe, and the anterior lobe with its "horns". Close up of the "horns" of the male Walckenaeria antica.

The more conventional looking head and chelicerae of a female Walckenaeria antica Epigyne (female sexual organ) of Walckenaeria antica Left pedipalp (male sexual organ) of Walckenaeria antica

Tarsal claw of a female Walckenaeria antica