This page records all updates to this site since 1st April 2019

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19th August 2022

Added new pages for Euophrys frontalis, Euophrys herbigrada, Micaria albovittata, and Pocadicnemis juncea

5th June 2022

Added images of tarsus and metatarsus to page of Philodromus cespitum to illustrate extent of scopulae on these limbs

23rd December 2021

Added new pages for Araneus quadratus, Mangora acalypha, Piratula latitans, and Lepthyphantes species

14th March 2021

Added new page for Microneta viaria

25th February 2021

Added new pages for three species: Segestria senoculata, Trochosa terricola and Walckenaeria acuminata

30th October 2020

Added a side view of the cephalothorax of Erigone atra to the Erigone sp. page.

Added a page for Parasteatoda tepidariorum (also known as Achaearanea tepidariorum)

19th October 2020

Added the following to the page for Clubiona terrestris: an improved image of the chelicerae, a dorsal (internal) view of the epigyne, and an image of the female pedipalp.

1st October 2020

Added gallery for Pholcomma gibbum

Added gallery for Oedothorax gibbosus

Specimens of these species kindly provided by Matt Prince

26th September 2020

Added gallery for Hahnia nava.

Added gallery for Gnathonarium dentatum.

Added gallery for Peponocranium ludicrum.

Specimens of all three species kindly provided by Matt Prince

1st September 2020

Added gallery for Ero cambridgei.

Added gallery for Maso sundevalli.

Specimens of both species kindly provided by Matt Prince

24 August 2020

Added gallery for Lophomma punctatum.

Added gallery for Walckenaeria antica.

Specimens of both species kindly provided by Matt Prince

New SEM Installed during this period!

25 June 2020

Added gallery for Pardosa amentata.

Updated gallery for Pardosa pullata with images of two different epigynes, and also of chelicerae.

Updated gallery for Pardosa palustris with a minor edit in the description.

20 June 2020

Minor changes to wording of two Steatoda sp. pages.

Added micrographs of a tarsal claw and female pedipalp to Amaurobius similis page.

Added micrographs of tarsus 1 right, and femur 4 (left and right) to Harpactea hombergi page, and removed one of the two previous tarsus micrographs.

18 June 2020

Added galleries for Philodromus cespitum, Xysticus cristatus and Zygiella x-notata

Updated the gallery for Araniella sp. with the addition of images of a female pedipalp and a tarsus of Araniella cucurbitina.

15 June 2020

Added links to new lycosid species (see 4th June) into main species list to make them accessible!

Exchanged image of pedipalp of Araniella cucurbitina with a better image, and added an epigyne of same species.

04 June 2020

Added Pardosa palustris, Pardosa pullata and Alopecosa pulverulenta

28 May 2020

I am now having a blitz on the Lycosidae. So far we have Pardosa tenuipes (formerly Pardosa proxima)

There are a few more Pardosa sp. in the pipeline.

07 May 2020

Following a long period of inactivity, partly due to my SEM being out of order, I am now starting to upload species again.

Nigma walckenaeri male and female.

18 October 2019

Steatoda bipunctata. Added photo to species page.

26 July 2019

Enoplognatha ovata. Added chelicerae (female) image. Replaced image of tarsal claw.

Harpactea hombergi. Added chelicerae (male) image. Re-processed pediaplap image.

Tenuiphantes sp. Added image of chelicerae of male Tenuiphantes flavipes. Re-ordered existing pictures. Added more text to the description.

Scotophaeus blackwalli. Replaced pictures of chelicerae and tarsus with better images. Added a scopula hair at high magnification.

22 July 2019

Added pedipalp of Tenuiphantes flavipes, carapace of Erigone dentipalpis and dissected epigyne of Erigone atra.

Minor changes to text about spinnerets on home page, and added date of last update.

29 May 2019

Uploaded new site with many minor edits, including to main page and individual species pages.

This version will be used as the basis for future development.